What if...? Film Series

Featuring 14 short films exploring human rights, animal welfare and environmental issues, the What if…? Film Series will launch in 2017. The series was inspired by my thriller What if…? and is a gigantic work of passion, i.e. not designed as a commercial venture.

Each film will be viewable online – free – and will feature a major Hollywood actor (for example, Patrick Stewart of X-Men and Star Trek fame features in a number of the films).

By being thought-provoking as opposed to merely informational, the series will not only raise awareness of the vital issues we face but will encourage viewers to consider these issues from fresh angles.

And to ensure these vital issues reach as wide an audience as possible, the films will broadcast in 20 languages – English audio and subtitles in everything from French, Spanish and German to Hindi, Mandarin and Japanese.

You’re going to love it!