What if...?

With lashings of intrigue and roller-coaster action, this fast-paced suspense thriller will keep you hooked to the very last page. Shootouts, car chases and conspiracies interweave with a global crisis to create a chilling, real-life picture of the world and a story that’s as moving as it is thrilling.

When a mysterious stranger appears to be healing New York City’s sick merely through touch, a media frenzy catapults him to superstar status.

When he then claims he can heal the entire world of hunger, injustice, and suffering as easily as he seems able to heal a sick child, thousands rally to his cause, desperate for a savior to snatch the world from the edge of darkness.

But is he for real?

With immeasurable wealth the prize, is this the greatest confidence trick in history, masterminded to swindle billions from a desperate world?

And if he is for real, will everyone be so eager to see the world saved?

Will corporate America, organized crime, even the mighty White House give him free rein to change the world, or will they stop at nothing to ensure the world stays just the way it is: under their control – poverty, disease, wars and all?

On a roller coaster adventure overflowing with mystery, shocking revelations, and pulse-pounding thrills, the stranger quickly realizes there’s nowhere to hide from the fate that awaits him and which will shake the very world.

Dare you read ‘What if…?’? – It’ll tear your world apart!

Format: Hardback

Pages: 352

Standard Edition: Discount price $25.99 $19.99

Collector's Edition*: Signed, Dated, Numbered and Stamped by Steve N. Lee. $25.99


Please bear in mind that the Signed Collector’s Edition ships from England (that’s where Steve signs them because that’s where he lives). This will be reflected in delivery times and shipping costs.